Ontology at 36 Canvas, Raffia, Acrylic Paint, 1981
Death Dimensions 108″ x 100″ LifeLife Dimensions 108″ x 100″ The VoidThe Void Dimensions 120″ x 160″ 00073Exhibition

Morphogenetic Fields Acrylic Paint, 1983

1Acrylic, Mixed Media Dimensions 40″x 30″ 2Acrylic, Mixed Media Dimensions 40″x 30″ artwork7Acrylic, Mixed Media Dimensions 40″x 30″ artwork6Acrylic Dimensions 30″x 40″
artwork5Acrylic Dimensions 40″x 30″ artwork5Acrylic Dimensions 30″x 40″ artwork5Acrylic on Paper Dimensions 50″x 40″ artwork8Acrylic on PaperDimensions 50″x 40″
artwork8Acrylic Dimensions 92″x 72″ artwork8Acrylic Dimensions 84″x 60″ artwork8Acrylic Dimensions 84″x 60″ artwork8Acrylic Dimensions 84″x 60″
artwork8  Acrylic Dimensions 84″x 60″

Beyond the Cave Acrylic Paint, 1984

artwork8A Tribe A Diatribe Dimensions 96″x 144 artwork5 Confrontation Dimensions 96″x 144 artwork6 Alone Dimensions 96″x 240″
artwork7 Entropy Dimensions 98″x 144″ artwork8 Exhibition Dimensions 98″x 144″

Pathways Acrylic Paint, 1987

artwork5Pyramid Dimensions 120″x 66″ artwork6Runes Dimensions 120″x 66″ artwork7Cosmic Egg Dimensions 120x 66″ artwork7Universal Peace Dimensions 120″x 66″
artwork8Tree of Life Dimensions 120″x 66″ artwork5Three Graces Dimensions 120″x 66″ artwork5Grounded Dimensions 120″x 66″ artwork5No Exit Dimensions 120″x 66″


The Dream of The Earth

by Thomas Berry, 1989

This book was damaged in a flood caused by a rain storm which was to occur only once in 100 years. This was the third storm of that nature within the past 15 years. I sent the book to 12 people with the understanding that when they finished reading the book they were to pass it on.

Green House EffectAcrylic Paint, 1981

artwork5 AcrylicDimensions 96″x 180″ artwork6 AcrylicDimensions 96″x 180″ artwork7 Acrylic Dimensions 96″x 180″
artwork8 AcrylicDimensions 96″x 180″ artwork5Exhibition

Diseased Parts of the Body Acrylic Mixed Media, 1992

artwork5 artwork5 artwork6
artwork7 artwork7 artwork8
artwork5 artwork5 artwork5

Healing Plants Acrylic Paint, 1994-Present

artwork5 Dandelion Dimensions 60″x 84″ artwork5 Aloe Dimensions 60″x 84″ artwork5 Ginkgo Dimensions 60″x 84″
artwork5 Fern Dimensions 60″x 84″
artwork5 Digitalis Dimensions 60″x 84″
artwork5 Cannabis Dimensions 60″x 84″
artwork5 Artemisia Dimensions 60″x 84″
artwork5 Lungwort Dimensions 60″x 84″
artwork5 Gopher Pruge Dimensions 60″x 84″